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- Our Story -


From the first, Sam always enjoyed food and had a great passion for cooking..  

Having emigrated from The Punjab, India in the 1960's, Sam brought with him genuine Indian hospitality, wonderful home cooking and at the time, just a dream to create something people would love. 


After leaving his job as an engineer with Lucas Industries, together with his wife and two children, his dream and hard work became a reality and The Sitara was born! 


For the last 30 years and to this day, Sam works tirelessly. Together with his family he always strives to provide the best food and customer service possible.  


Sam's passion for food and his son Raj's charisma and zest for Jazz, has proved to be an amazing combination that really shines through and has made Sitara what it is today. 


The staff are proud of their achievements, they have enjoyed meeting some truly wonderful people, having made lifelong friends and thank each and every one of their customers.


The story continues... Sitara’s motto?


Be kind and be determined to serve great food, with the best customer service!

* * * 
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